Understanding Science in Interaction (USI)

CliSAP’s Integrated Activity “Understanding Science in Interaction” (USI) aims at a thorough understanding of communication processes in inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration. It is composed of a research project and a range of "in-reach" events and experiments.

A social science perspective on climate research

USI's research works towards a sociology of inter- and transdisciplinarity. The study focuses on the teaching of interdisciplinarity, the organisation of interdisciplinarity and the role of inter- and transdisciplinary communication in the production of climate-related knowledge.

USI's "in-reach" contributes a reflexive perspective to everyday life at KlimaCampus with the aim of facilitating communication processes within CliSAP. Projects include visiting artist researchers, teaching the social study of science, interviews with researchers and public and panel debates on a range of overarching topics.



Latest USI Publications

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  • Krauß, W. (2015). Anthropology in the Anthropocene: Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Interdisciplinary Research. In H. Greschke, & J. Tischler (Eds.), Grounding Global Climate Change - Contributions from the Social and Cultural Sciences (pp. 59-76). doi:10.1007/978-94-017-9322-3_4.
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  • Rödder, S. (in press). Organisationstheoretische Perspektiven auf die Wissenschaftskommunikation. In H. Bonfadelli, B. Fähnrich, & C. Lüthje (Eds.), Forschungsfeld Wissenschaftskommunikation: ein Handbuch (pp. in Vorbereitung). Springer.