CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

IA 5: Visualization

CliSAP II has ended and this page is no longer updated.

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Climate observations and numerical simulations produce huge amounts of data. The efficient analysis of these increasingly complex data sets is crucial to the work of climate scientists. The visualization of data is a powerful tool, which guides researchers in their analysis, leading to new knowledge and insight. In order to further advance the visualization techniques available to scientists, the Climate Visualization Laboratory combines the expertise of CliSAP, DKRZ and the University of Hamburg.


The goal of the Climate Visualization Laboratory is to support climate scientists in analyzing and visualizing their data.

We provide high performance systems and tools for interactive visual data analysis. Tailored to the challenging requirements, we offer customized assistance. To meet future needs, we also develop innovative approaches to enable advanced application scenarios.

The Climate Visualization Laboratory integrates: