Sum Components of Sea Level Rise Projection


We are glad to announce new Features for the AR5 Sea Level Rise projection, that contains relative sea surface height (SSH) data until 2100. From now on you can sum selected components that contribute to the total sea level rise and plot maps, time series and sections.

For that purpose, ICDC extended the features of the Live Access Server: For the AR5 SLR data set, we created a new menu on the lower left side, where you can selected the desired components. After clicking on the "sum selected components" button, the corresponding plot (maps, time series or sections are possible) will show up on the right side.

If you don't see the components menu, please click reload in your web browser to load the new Javascript components.

You can get right here to the

entire time series >> 

- the 20 year mean difference plots >>

in the Live Access Server.

Or you can get further information on the AR5 SLR web page: >>