IA 1: Integrated Climate Data Center (ICDC)

The Integrated Climate Data Center maintains a climate database for in situ and satellite data, which is provided online and on data servers. Visit our website to get more information about ICDC and our data sets:


Easy access to quality Earth Observations is an important prerequisite for Earth System research. Especially observational data are an asset to monitor and to better understand the current climate and to predict future climate. These data sets have to undergo a profound assessment in order to be useful for the scientific community. The value of such data increases once they are stored in a self explanatory, easy-to-use format and can be obtained from a data center which provides easy data access and expert support for users and data providers.

Our Tasks:

  • Easy access to high quality climate data
  • Provision and creation of unique data sets
  • Scientific user support
  • Quality control and enhancement of data sets



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