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New publication "Is There a Medialization of Climate Science?"


New publication "Is There a Medialization of Climate Science? Results From a Survey of German Climate Scientists" by Ana Ivanova, Mike S. Schäfer, Inga Schlichting & Andreas Schmidt

Abstract: The relation between science and the media has recently been termed a medialization of science. The respective literature argues that interaction of scientists with the media and journalists as well as scientists’ adaptation to media criteria has increased. This article analyzes whether German climate scientists are indeed “medialized.” The results of a survey among 1,130 scientists suggest that medialization phenomena exist in climate science but that they differ significantly among different subgroups. While media interactions are more common for high-ranking scientists, an adaptation to media criteria is more typical for scientists with less experience.

In: Science Communication. Published online before print: Feb 25 2013. DOI: 10.1177/1075547012475226.