CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Communication of Expert Knowledge on Climate Change

Climate Scientists and the Mass Media: Experiences, Orientations, Mediatization

Involved: Mike S. Schäfer, Ana Ivanova, Inga Schlichting, Andreas Schmidt
Duration and Funding: 2010-2011, Cluster of Excellence "CliSAP"

The presentation of science in the mass media is crucial for the societal perception of scientists and their work. The mass media allows a large number of citizens to inform themselves about political, economic, and other developments.  It contributes significantly to how society forms opinions and, in doing so, has almost monopolized communication about certain issues in current affairs. Mass media has, for example, become an exclusive source of information for many people regarding scientific issues.

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Credibility of Expert Information in the Web 2.0

Involved: Mike S. Schäfer, Inga Schlichting
Duration and Funding: 2010-2011, proprietary project of the CliSAP Research Group, in cooperation with

Climate change has received much public attention in recent years. At the same time it is a complex subject: A lot of partly conflicting information is available regarding the question of what climate change is, which consequences it has and what individuals and governments can do about it.

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Science in the Media: A Meta Analysis

Involved: Mike S. Schäfer, Andreas Schmidt
Duration and Funding: 2009-2010, proprietary project

The presentation of science in the mass media is one of the most important questions facing social scientists who analyse science. Accordingly, media coverage of science has been a constant focal point in the respective literature, and a flurry of such publications have appeared in the past years. However, these studies are extremely heterogeneous; most of them are unrelated case studies in different countries, topics, media, time periods etc. which are difficult to compare. And the activity and growth of the respective research has not been accompanied by systematic overviews. This project provides such an overview by means of a meta-analysis.

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