C4: Climate Change, Security Risks, and Violent Conflicts

The research topic C-4 "Climate change, security risks and violent conflicts" focuses on the linkages between climate hotspots and regions of high social insecurity and violent conflict. It assesses climate-induced migration and its influence on security concerns about climate change. It also looks at the effects of different international security strategies to cope with climate change and on how security actors and the different conceptions of justice in climate strategies influence international conflicts.


1. Climate-conflict linkages

The first research theme continues the analysis of climate-conflict linkages with a focus on identified or potential climate-change related security ‘hot spots’, as well as the wider effects of such conflict on regional and international security.

2. Climate-related migration

A second field of research is the security implications of climate-related migration.

3. Coping with climate change

The third theme advances research begun in CliSAP-1 on the implications of different strategies of coping with climate change for international security.

Latest C4 Publications

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