CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

C: Climate Change and Social Dynamics

A significant part of our research analyzes social dynamics and regulation mechanisms in response to human-induced climate forcings. Vital questions are: How can we assess climate data brokering and usage by climate actors with a heterogeneous set of motives and incentives? Are climate change hot spots seedbeds for social unrest and violent conflicts? To what extent will droughts and held off precipitation exacerbate conflicts? How are ever better prognoses influencing the global economy? What is the role of individual countries’ media in shaping public understanding and opinion?

Leaders of Research Area C: Prof. Dr. Anita Engels and Prof. Dr. Jochem Marotzke

C1: Societal Use of Climate Information

Researchers in this area aim to assess the strategic potential of prospective climate system data for major climate players.

C2: Climate Change, Predictions, and Economy

Our research centers on crucial climate-related topics such as geography, agriculture, economics, and security.

C3: Climate Change Perception and Communication

We study the varying transcultural and political perspectives of individual climate actors as reflected in their mental models of climate change.

C4: Climate Change, Security Risks, and Violent Conflicts

Our researchers investigate the implications of climate hot spots, i.e., regions lacking social security, and their potential for violent conflict.

CRG Climate Change and Security

Using interdisciplinary tools we work towards an understanding of security risks and conflicts caused by global change. Our goal is to develop sustainable strategies for international cooperation and peace.

CRG Media Constructions of Climate Change (MCCC)

CliSAP’s research group MCCC examines global change as communicated by mass media with a special focus on the origins and impacts of climate change reporting.