CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

The Global River Chemistry Database

To meet the increasing demand for hydrochemical data, the new GLObal RIver CHemistry database GLORICH was established, which comprises 1.27 million samples distributed over 17,000 sampling locations. The reported hydrochemical parameters include concentrations of major ions, nutrients (N, P, Si), organic and inorganic carbon, alkalinity, pH, dissolved oxygen and water temperature. For 15,500 sampling locations, the catchments could be derived, ranging in size from < 0.6 km² to > 5.3 million km².

Hydrochemical data were mostly gathered from environmental monitoring programs, but also from scientific literature. The data were homogenized and test routines for the feasibility of data helped to identify erroneous or implausible data. Catchment boundaries and catchment properties were calculated, which include lithological composition, soil properties, climate, lake abundance, topography, land cover, and population density. Some of the catchment property data are available on monthly basis, e.g. runoff. A detailed list of water quality parameter coverage is provided in the table below. Sample locations and their catchment outlines are presented in the figure above.

If you are interested to use the GLORICH, please contact Jens Hartmann.

GLORICH Parameters

Description Parameter abbreviation in database Unit No. of sampling locations No. of samples
ID of the sampling location
Date and time of the sampling
Type of sampling (single sample, mixed samples collected over specific periods, averages from different samples)
Discharge, if not flagged, this refers to instantaneous discharge at time of sampling m3 s-1 4,817 353,388
Water temperature °C 13,970 549,899
pH pH 17,437 889,355
Dissolved oxygene concnetration DO_mgL mg O2 L-1 3,785 152,319
Oxygene saturation DOSAT % 7,110 170,369
Specific conductivity SpecCond25C µS cm-1 14,963 919,916
Suspended matter concentration SPM mg L-1 6,000 241,656
Alkalinity Alkalinity µeq L-1 12,931 639,259
Bicarbonate ion concentration HCO3 µmol L-1 6,554 144,979
Carbonate ion concentration CO3 µmol L-1 2,344 82,616
Calcium concentration, dissolved Ca µmol L-1 12,154 615,500
Magnesium concentration, dissolved Mg µmol L-1 12,081 613,108
Sodium concentration, dissolved Na µmol L-1 11,802 598,367
Potassium concentration, dissolved K µmol L-1 11,642 594,157
Silica concentration, dissolved SiO2 µmol L-1 9,880 624,877
Chloride concentration, dissolved Cl µmol L-1 12,600 742,662
Sulphate concentration, dissolved SO4 µmol L-1 12,629 663,739
Fluoride concentration, dissolved F µmol L-1 6,551 486,010
Strontium concentration, dissolved DSr µmol L-1 2,200 30,839
Total carbon concentration TC µmol L-1 86 2,245
Total inorganic carbon concentration TIC µmol L-1 670 14,162
Dissolved inorganic carbon concentration DIC µmol L-1 666 18,409
Particulate inorganic carbon concentration PIC µmol L-1 540 3,536
Total organic carbon concentration TOC µmol L-1 3,541 117,301
Dissolved organic carbon concentration DOC µmol L-1 6,771 201,401
Particulate organic carbon concentration POC µmol L-1 2,677 32,732
Total nitrogen concentration TN µmol L-1 4,685 267,069
Dissolved nitrogen concentration DN µmol L-1 855 35,201
Particulate nitrogen concentration PN µmol L-1 57 445
Total inorganic nitrogen concentration TIN µmol L-1 73 13,124
Dissolved inorganic nitrogen concentration DIN µmol L-1 121 8,009
Total organic nitrogen concentration TON µmol L-1 211 13,846
Dissolved organic nitrogen concentration DON µmol L-1 29 571
Particulate organic nitrogen concentration PON µmol L-1 4 64
Total Kjeldahl nitrogen TKN µmol L-1 7,092 299,198
Dissolved Kjeldahl nitrogen DKN µmol L-1 3,049 52,759
Nitrate concentration, dissolved NO3 µmol L-1 7,200 208,229
Nitrite concentration, dissolved NO2 µmol L-1 8,393 240,300
Nitrate+Nitrite concentration, dissolved NO2_NO3 µmol L-1 7,413 583,839
Ammonium concentration, total TNH4 µmol L-1 1,512 75,987
Ammonium concentration, dissolved DNH4 µmol L-1 11,350 609,307
Total phosphorous concentration TP µmol L-1 10,540 484,825
Dissolved phosphorous concentration DP µmol L-1 3,296 105,999
Particulate phosphorous concentration PP µmol L-1 18 613
Total inorganic phosphorous concentration TIP µmol L-1 1,037 26,841
Dissolved inorganic phosphorous concentration DIP µmol L-1 11,844 661,267
Particulate sulphur concentration PS µmol L-1 8 98