CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Wetternetz Uni Hamburg


Current data from local measurement sites in and around Hamburg is now presented on the new website "Wetternetz Uni Hamburg".

Exciting measurement data at first hand, a look behind the scenes and much more. Latest news about the observations made by the Meteorological Institute and the Institute of Soil Science in CEN, Universität Hamburg, are now available on one single website.

Combined as the "Wetternetz Uni Hamburg", the measuring systems involved are:

  • the urban climate stations in CliSAP's project HUSCO, featuring meteorological as well as soil hydrological measurements,
  • the well-known WETTERMAST,
  • and additionally high resolution data on precipitation by PATTERN weather radars.

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This service is brought to you by members of the Meteorological Institute's working group "Synthesis of Observations and Models", led by Felix Ament. The website of the "Wetternetz Uni Hamburg" was launched to provide insight into the daily work of the group members, to easily get in touch with interested people, and to arouse interest in climate and soil science and the importance of observations. Marco Clemens, Ingo Lange and Sarah Wiesner are eager to keep you updated on their measurement activities.