B3: Marine and Coastal Systems

The CliSAP Research Topic "Marine and Coastal Systems" (B3) deals with the effects of climate variability on matter fluxes and ecosystem dynamics in the ocean. To understand the mechanisms that transmit signals from the realm of physics via ocean dynamics to ecosystems and biogeochemical cycles, B3 focuses (based on modeling advances of CliSAP 1) on the coastal upwelling systems and the Northeastern Atlantic shelf systems.


While coastal upwelling systems are strongly dominated by large scale natural climate variability and just begin to react to secular anthropogenic climate change, shelf seas are modulated by natural variability, secular changes and anthropogenic changes. These influences on ecosystems cause changes in material flows, in particular of greenhouse gases.

Our research program includes ecosystem modeling approaches with focus on the dynamics of plankton ecosystems - in cooperation with the CliSAP Research Group "Advancement of Coupled Climate Ocean Ecosystem Models" - and analysis of dissolved matter fluxes into the coastal region where we work together with the CliSAP Research Group "Chemistry of Natural Aqueous Solutions".

Latest B3 Publications

  • Köhl, M., Möllmann, C., Fromm, J., Kraus, G., & Mues, V. (2018). Land- und Forstwirtschaft, Fischerei. In H. von Storch, I. Meinke, & M. Claussen (Eds.), Hamburger Klimabericht – Wissen über Klima, Klimawandel und Auswirkungen in Hamburg. Springer Spektrum.
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