CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Transnationalization of Public Spheres: A Cross-Country Longitudinal Study of Climate Change Coverage in Leading Newspapers (Ph. D. Thesis A. Ivanova)

The topic of my thesis is related to current globalisation trends in politics, economics, culture and other social areas. Based upon this, I’d like to find out whether a public sphere on the global level is emerging as well. I am particularly interested in analysing the transnationalisation of mass media communication which indicates the existence of such a global public sphere. Current research shows that such transnationalisation processes commonly occur when the so called “global issues” emerge, such as global terrorism, the world economic crisis or in my case – climate change.

Climate change is a global phenomenon. This is true both in terms of predicted consequences and for the political response to climate change. Since the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, climate change mitigation efforts are coordinated by the United Nations with high-level summits taking place every year. Consequently a common communication basis between various countries is needed that could possibly enable a consensus on necessary measures to fight climate change. Therefore a global public sphere, which can be simply understood as a common communication space, could be expected.

Based on these considerations I will analyse in my thesis the following questions:

  • To which extent is the mass media coverage of climate change transnationalised? What kind of geographical scope and which dimensions are included in such a transnational public sphere? This will be the first, rather descriptive part of my thesis.

What are the factors leading to transnationalisation? Are there political, scientific, cultural or other kinds of events and developments that could affect the extent and scope of the transnationalisation processes? In this part of my thesis, I will use multivariate analysis to identify the role of crucial events and developments (e.g. UN climate change summits) which can determine transnationalisation processes.

The analysis is conducted using data and material from the project Global Media Map on Climate Change.

Involved: Ana Ivanova, Mike S. Schäfer (Supervision)
Funding: The project is supported through the Cluster of Excellence 'CliSAP' (EXC177), University of Hamburg, funded through the German Science Foundation (DFG) and by a fund of the Center for a Sustainable University.


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