CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Global Media Map on Climate Change

Climate change is of global relevance, and therefore it is conceivable that this topic gets media attention in different countries of the world. From this attention it is possible to infer how important the topic is for the respective national audiences (agenda setting). Different countries and regions, however, contribute in varying degrees to climate change and are affected to varying degrees by its consequences. Thus it can be expected that there are different perspectives on the phenomenon: how much attention does the topic receive? Is it seen as a problem or not? What are the causes, what are the consequences and to whom is responsibility ascribed? The project aims to describe the media representation of climate change in a variety of countries. Moreover, it seeks to explain media attention by macro variables such as vulnerability, responsibility, values ​​and level of development.

Involved: Mike S. Schäfer, Ana Ivanova, Andreas Schmidt, Jan Murmann, Sarah Pleger
Duration and Funding: 2010-2013, Cluster of Excellence "CliSAP"

Cooperation Partners: Jana Tereick, Institute of Germanistik I, University of Hamburg, CliSAP Integrated Climate Data Center

Results: Media Attention for Climate Change

We measured media attention for climate change over a 15-year period in countries around the world. For this we gathered climate change related news coverage from fulltext databases using a complex search string. We then cleaned the data with elaborate computer-assisted methods ensuring that the sample consists only of relevant articles. To ensure comparability we finally related the number of articles on climate change to all published articles.


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Schäfer, Mike S., Ana Ivanova & Andreas Schmidt (2012): Issue-Attention: Mediale Aufmerksamkeit für den Klimawandel in 26 Ländern [Issue-Attention: Media Attention for Climate Change in 26 Countries]. In: Neverla, Irene & Mike S. Schäfer (Eds.): Das Medien-Klima. Fragen und Befunde der kommunikationswissenschaftlichen Klimaforschung.  Wiesbaden: Springer VS, 121-142.

Schäfer, Mike S., Ana Ivanova & Andreas Schmidt (2011): Globaler Klimawandel, globale Öffentlichkeit? Medienaufmerksamkeit für den Klimawandel in 23 Ländern [Global Climate Change, Global Public Sphere? Media Attention for Climate Change in 23 Countries]. In: Studies in Communication|Media, 2011/1, 133-148.


The project is supported with CliSAP funds. The authors would like to thank Jan Murmann and Sarah Pleger for creating the graphics and/or their help in data collection and cleaning. Moreover thanks go to Linny Bieber, Caroline d'Essen, Hanna Sowjanya Mutopalli, Navina Neverla, Audrius Paura, Edu Schreuders and Kukuli Tenorio Polo, who have collected and cleaned data for individual countries.