CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".


  1. 26.02.2018

    Pandora: Hope for Europe’s fish – and fishers

    Fish species living in the open sea, like herring or cod, are particularly important for the European fishing industry. A new research project will pave the way for better forecasting these fish stocks’ future, and assess how sustainable various management strategies are.

    The 25 project partners...

  2. 01.02.2018

    Der Wert der Statistik für die Klimaforschung

    Dr. Christian Franzke ist Experte für Statistik und forscht zu Klimawandel und Wetter- und Klimarisiken. Er zeigt, wie statistische Methoden die globale Erwärmung belegen - und was Klimaskeptiker dazu sagen.

  3. 29.01.2018

    Köppen Prize 2017: Dr. Christopher Hedemann

    Dr. Christopher Hedemann was awarded this year’s Wladimir Peter Köppen Prize. The Cluster of Excellence CliSAP selected the Australian climate scientist, sociologist and literature scholar for his doctoral dissertation submitted at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg. In his thesis...

  4. 29.01.2018

    Online learning for climate studies

    This semester, for the first time, the online course “Climate Change, Risks and Challenges” was made a mandatory component of the Master’s degree program at the School of Integrated Climate System Sciences (SICSS). Students, organizers and instructors alike are pleased with the results.

  5. 24.01.2018

    How do mangroves protect our climate?

    Two students of CEN researcher Prof. Dr. Michael Köhl spent four month in Fiji in order to develop a method for recording the biomass of mangrove forests and evaluating their carbon-storage capacity.