CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".


  1. 03.02.2010

    Urban Climate Research: New boost from Oklahoma

    Prof. Petra Klein, a leading expert in urban meteorology, will be carrying out research at the Department of Technical Meteorology in the Geomatikum from January to June. Her hosts here at the KlimaCampus are Professor Michael Schatzmann and Professor Bernd Leitl of the Meteorological Institute.

  2. 20.11.2009

    Prevention of Climate Conflicts

    At the University of Hamburg the first international conference of conflict and peace researchers together with climate scientists is taking place.

    More than 50 participants from 25 nations have a common goal: putting the research into the security risks of climate change on a sound scientific...

  3. 13.11.2009

    European Geosciences Union honors Prof. Dr. Klaus Fraedrich

    In recognition of his scientific merits, the European Sciences Union (EGU) will award the Lewis Fry Richardson Medal to the Hamburg meteorologist Prof. Dr. Klaus Fraedrich. This honor was established by the EGU to recognize outstanding scientists whose work is related to Nonlinear Geosciences. The...

  4. 16.07.2009

    North Atlantic Circulation:RV Maria S Merian expedition completed

    What is the role of the North Atlantic Ocean in the earth´s climate? What effect does global warming have on oceanic circulation? To what degree is the ocean responsible for climate fluctuations? These and other questions concerned 21 scientists, technicians and students from Germany, England,...