1. 31.08.2011

    Hydrogen highway in the deep sea

    Hydrogen as an energy source could in future help meet the world´s rising energy demands. But certain bacteria have long since paved the way. In joint research with Hamburg biochemists, scientists from Bremen have discovered a type of mussel living close to deep sea vents which are able to use...

  2. 29.08.2011

    New at the KlimaCampus: Prof. Dr. Valerio Lucarini

    Dr. Valerio Lucarini has been conferred with the title Professor of Theoretical Meteorology by the University of Hamburg in recognition of his international professional standing in the field of theoretical meteorology and climatology. The Italian physicist came to us from Reading (UK), where he had...

  3. 26.08.2011

    Visualisation done differently: Climate as reflected in the media

    "All that we know of the world, we know through the mass media", the sociologist Niklas Luhmann once wrote. The media plays a central role too in perceptions of climate change. The research group based around junior professor Mike S. Schaefer looked into when and how often the most important daily...

  4. 17.08.2011

    Workshop on Urban Air Quality and Climate Change

    At the KlimaCampus in Hamburg, researchers from 16 countries of Europe and overseas meet for three days to discuss the current challenges in urban climate and urban air quality and their relationship to climate change. The workshop is supported by the World Meteorological Organization and the...

  5. 10.08.2011

    "The model is just a tool": Interview with Dr. Eduardo Zorita Interview

    This month the interview series "Climate research made in Hamburg" will be meeting Dr. Eduardo Zorita. Zorita is a physicist and senior scientist at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht`s Institute for Coastal Research, and heads the department of paleoclimatology. As part of the CliSAP project...

  6. 04.08.2011

    KlimaCampus conference "Severe Atmospheric Aerosol Events"

    An international conference on aerosol emissions will be held in Hamburg on August 11th and 12th, 2011. Geologists, meteorologists, physicists, and numerous scientists from other disciplines will come to the KlimaCampus to discuss the formation and impact of large-scale particulate emissions and...

  7. 27.07.2011

    A New Guide to Climate Knowledge in Germany

    The CliSAP excellence cluster at the KlimaCampus is one of the founding partners of, a new internet portal that was launched on July 25, 2011. The platform collects knowledge on climate change and serves as a guide to the German research landscape in the area of climate, the...

  8. 22.07.2011

    Second KlimaCampus-Booklet

    Once a month scientists from the KlimaCampus report on their recent research results in the daily „Hamburger Abendblatt“. These are compiled and published in a handy reader regularly.