CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".


  1. 22.07.2011

    Second KlimaCampus-Booklet

    Once a month scientists from the KlimaCampus report on their recent research results in the daily „Hamburger Abendblatt“. These are compiled and published in a handy reader regularly.

  2. 07.07.2011

    KlimaCampus contributes to a new exhibition in the Ozeaneum Stralsund

    On Monday, 11 July 2011, the Oceaneum in Stralsund will open a new permanent exhibition on marine research and utilization. Current topics in German marine research are presented in an area of 500 square meters. The exhibition was developed with substantial participation and cooperation with the...

  3. 04.07.2011

    Understanding the Climate System: An Interview with Dr. Jin-Song von Storch

    The interview series “Climate Research made in Hamburg” introduces Dr. Jin-Song von Storch this week. The meteorologist leads the “Ocean Statistics” working group at the Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology and is a Senior Scientist at the Hamburg KlimaCampus. Here, she is creating the basis for...

  4. 23.06.2011

    Decreasing Climate Risks - Increasing Regional Cooperation

    At the second of four forums on the topic of climate change and security on June 20 at the German Foreign Ministry, the focus was on Central Asia. The discussion concentrated on the role of regional cooperation in water and energy use, the expansion of which are of central importance to the region’s...

  5. 21.06.2011

    Mathematics in the Service of Tsunami Research

    Since the tsunami in Japan last March, Prof. Jörn Behrens from the KlimaCampus has had plenty to do. Along with his working group "Numeric Methods in Geosciences", he has been developing computer simulations for tsunamis, among other things.

  6. 08.06.2011

    Media’s Interest in Climate Change: Reactions Similar in the EU and USA

    The number of articles in the press on "climate change" have grown four to 8 times over around the world since 1996. A study by the KlimaCampus at the University of Hamburg shows that European and North American medias’ interest in climate change followed a very similar course of development. For...

  7. 01.06.2011

    KlimaCampus` expertise for the Federal Foreign Office

    At the first of four dialog forums at the Federal Foreign Office about climate change and security on May 30th, the southern Mediterranean was in focus of interest. The effects of climate change on the complex interrelated problems concerning water, food, energy, and migration were discussed Jürgen...

  8. 19.05.2011

    Research on Climate Extremes: An Interview with Prof. Dr. Beate Ratter

    The “Climate Research Made in Hamburg“ interview series takes a look behind the scenes each month to introduce researchers working at the KlimaCampus. Beate M. W. Ratter is a professor at the Institute for Geography at the University of Hamburg and director of the “Human Dimensions of Coastal Areas”...

  9. 19.05.2011

    Energy from the Desert: A Discussion of the Desertec Project

    Approximately 500 people attended a podium discussion yesterday put on by the University of Hamburg and DESY as part of the "Hamburg Contributions to Sustainability" series. On the topic "Energy from the Desert - New perspectives for a sustainable partnership with North Africa," experts debated the...