CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Workshop on Self and Time Management

10.12.2015 - 11.12.2015

Participants will learn how to organize and structure themselves and their doctoral project.

Lecturer: Sabine Lerch

Credits: 1.5 CP

Location: Grindelberg 5, on Thursday in room 1012 and on Friday in room 008

Dates: 10.-11.12.2015

Time: Thursday 10.12. 9:30-17:00, Friday 11.12. 9:00 - 17:00

Duration: 2 days block

Language: English

Educational concept: The training is conducted over 2 full days of short theory lessons, discussions, individual and small-group exercises, plus role-playing exercises with feedback. The case studies are provided by the participants to ensure that the scenarios are as realistic as possible. For that a questionnaire is sent to the participants in advance.

Learning outcomes

Participants will learn how to organize and structure themselves and their doctoral project, receiving powerful tools to differentiate between urgent from important tasks and how to keep motivated. The introduction to project management enables to better structure scientific projects.


…how do I deal with time

  • Analysis of my present situation
  • Different working styles

Values and Goals
…what keeps me on track

  • Paradigms that influence my life
  • Positive outcomes and intrinsic motivation

...first things first

  • Important or urgent?
  • Pareto and A-B-C

Effective Time-Management
…how to manage and use time

  • Longterm and shortterm planning
  • Use of modern planning tools

Project Management basics
…following the critical path

  • Project plan and Work Breakdown
  • Estimations and resources
  • My PhD – a project!

Catch the Time Thieves
…hunting forthe “cookies”

  • Goodbye procrastination
  • Decision-making

Life Balancing
…dealing with stress and strain

  • The four human needs
  • Energy sources

Formal requirements for participation

No formal requirements. In particular useful for doctoral candidates who just started with their PhD.

Course usability

Elective for SICSS doctoral candidates; number of participants is limited to 12.


SICSS Office (Berit Hachfeld)