CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Scientific Writing II


The workshop will give students a hands-on training in scientific writing.

Each student will submit a written work (advanced manuscript). All students will need to read and be prepared to constructively discuss the style and content of their classmates work. By this it is possible to see exactly what aspects of ones work need elaboration and to address them specifically. Starting point for the workshop is Dallas Murphys observation that writing problems are most often thinking problems. In the workshop students will learn how to structure a piece of writing and to properly use the English language. 

Please register by sending an email to the SICSS Office.

Lecturers: Dallas Murphy et al.

Location: Grindelberg 5, room 1012

Time: 4 day block course // 21.3. - 24.3.2016 // 9:00-16:00 daily

Credits: 3 CP

Coordinator: SICSS Office (Berit Hachfeld and Ingo Harms)

Learning outcomes: Students will learn practical matters of structure, technique and process of scientific writing. Each module focuses on specific topics.

Educational concept: Workshop with participatory practical training

Language: English

Formal requirements for participation: Submission of written work by 22.2.16, either complete or in advanced stage.

Course usability: Elective for SICSS doctoral students; open for M.Sc. ICSS students dependent on capacities and when eligibility requirements are met. Doctoral candidates who also participated in the writing course I in the past winter semester have preferred access.