CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Msc ICSS: The start of the academic year 2019/20


The start of the academic year 2019/20 was filled with activities such as our Orientation Week for new MSc students, information on courses, activities around the Campus and much more. Read here the report of our Student council on their annual trip with our MSc students to a house just outside Hamburg

"Every year in October we welcome new students from all over the world to SICSS. To make their start in this new environment as easy and enjoyable as possible and to foster our community, both the school and we, the student council, offer a variety of orientation events and cultural training avenues. As is tradition, we finish this on-boarding experience with our MICSS‘ed Weekend. This year, we traveled with 25 students from the first and third semester to a cozy countryside house to get to know each other, share our experiences and bond before the new semester starts in all seriousness. We explored the surrounding fields during a night walk, competed in all kinds of curious sports, cooked together and sat around the bonfire, sharing tales, songs, marshmallows and sometimes simply its quiet and soothing warmth. Far beyond the planned program, the weekend turned into a wonderful community event shaped by the vastly different cultures and backgrounds present. Students taught and learned how to dance salsa, cooked curry for 25 people, opened a temporary hair salon and tried to enjoy “German Schlager” music. And all the while, we were lucky to enjoy the last warm days with bright sunshine, filling our Vitamin D reserves before the dawning winter days. It was a wonderful weekend that came to life not just thanks to the organizers and SICSS‘s support, but mostly because of our new friends‘ eagerness to play an active part in the SICSS community and to create something wonderful. We can‘t wait to see what the next batch of students will do next year to make the MICSS‘ed Weekend special in their own way."