CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Female SICSS graduates become successful career planners


Female MSc and doctoral students receive advice from female experts before embarking on business, administrative, and academic careers.

UNICA, a program of Universität Hamburg’s Arbeitsstelle Expertinnen-Beratungsnetz/Mentoring für weiblichen Führungsnachwuchs (expert women’s advising and mentoring network promoting female junior leadership), helps aspiring female academics transition smoothly to the job market. This year, for the first time, the German-language program also accepted applications from female MSc and doctoral students at CliSAP’s Graduate School SICSS. Fourteen of them were selected for mentoring. Together with junior researchers from various other departments, the candidates from the SICSS participated in a multi-stage selection procedure. SICSS doctoral student Johanna Matzat was chosen for UNICA’s long-term mentoring. Over the next four years, the sociologist will receive support from an experienced mentor in planning her career and taking on leadership responsibilities while completing her doctorate.

As part of the procedure, the graduate students were confronted with classic selection and interview settings. Comprehensive feedback helped them reflect on their performance. The selection process also comprised individual in-depth interviews conforming to corporate standards. All-day assessment centers allowed the applicants to experience authentic selection procedures as conducted by most major firms. Expert observers from UNICA partner institutions and the women’s advising and mentoring network evaluated and guided the applicants.

 We wish all mentees a great mentoring experience and the best of luck in their professional endeavors!

The next UNICA application period will commence at the end of 2014. All UNICA offerings are free of charge.


UNICA targets master’s and doctoral students at Universität Hamburg. The program was started in the fall semester 2009 as a joint initiative of the Arbeitsstelle Expertinnen-Beratungsnetz/Mentoring (expert women’s advising and mentoring network) and the University Society Hamburg. UNICA is catering to female academics headed for executive careers in the fields of business, administration or academia. To date, almost eighty out of 480 applicants became mentees. The volunteer mentors are Hamburg professionals and executives with long-term experience in business, administrative, and academic arenas. UNICA receives support from the following Hamburg-based companies and institutions: British American Tobacco (Germany) GmbH, Gruner + Jahr AG & Co KG, Hamburger Hochbahn AG, Philips Deutschland GmbH.

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