CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

CEN Graduates Honored


Last Friday, 40 Master’s students and doctoral candidates from the Center for Earth System Research and Sustainability were bid a fond farewell.

Prof. Annette Eschenbach with the SICSS MSc graduates.
Prof. Julia Kehr presented the CEN’s doctoral candidates their diplomas.

As the graduates received their certificates, their individual topics were announced, reflecting the impressive diversity of research conducted at the CEN: from urban water management in Peru to the predictability of El Niño events, and from a seismic survey of Germany’s Harz Mountains to a comparative analysis of the energy transitions in Hamburg and Hong Kong.

The Master’s and diploma students from the disciplines Geography, Geophysics, Geosciences, Integrated Climate System Sciences, Meteorology and Physical Oceanography received their certificates from their respective department heads, while Prof. Julia Kehr, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Sciences, presented the CEN’s doctoral candidates their diplomas.

Prof. Detlef Stammer, Director of the CEN, congratulated the graduates on their achievement. Speaking on the role of education, he stressed the central importance of fostering the next generation of researchers at the CEN – a focus that can also be seen in the number of graduates: in 2015, 129 students completed their Master’s program and 11 completed their initial diplomas, while 42 doctoral candidates completed their research at one of the CEN’s member institutes.

Following the ceremony, the brand-new graduates joined their supervisors, advisors, family and friends at a reception and rounded out the day with a glass of champagne and buffet.

The event was made possible by the financial support of the association “Friends and Supporters of the Center for Earth System Research and Sustainability.”

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