CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

New Head of SICSS: Prof. Annette Eschenbach


Prof. Annette Eschenbach from the Institute of Soil Science at Universität Hamburg is the new head of the SICSS graduate school.

Profile Picture Annette Eschenbach
Prof. Annette Eschenbach is the new head of SICSS.

“Working together with SICSS’ students and early career scientists is an exciting task. The integrated MSc and doctoral program and the SICSS-Office are well established and ready for new challenges. I’m happy to contribute my ideas to future developments in our graduate programs, in particular when transferring SICSS into a new funding phase from 2017 onward” said Prof. Eschenbach while celebrating Christmas with SICSS students.   

Since 2007, Annette Eschenbach works at the Institute of Soil Science at Universität Hamburg where she holds a professorship in Soil Sciences, Soil Protection and Soil Technology. As an appointed Principal Investigator in CliSAP, she does research in the topics “Urban Systems” and “Land-use and Land-Use Changes”.

The former heads of SICSS, Prof. Hermann Held, Prof. Carsten Eden and Prof. Matthias Hort, are still responsible for the three tracks of the MSc program "Integrated Climate System Sciences". Prof. Held is responsible for the track "Climate-related Economics and Social Sciences," Prof. Eden for the track "Physics of the Climate System" and Prof. Hort for the track "Biogeochemistry of the climate system".

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