CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Career Planning: Services for Postdocs and Scientists

Services offered by CliSAP

COM Postdoc Program
With the program COM the cluster of excellence supports its postdocs to keep a steady eye on important career decisions during day-to-day research. The main idea of the program is the mentoring relationship between the postdoc and an experienced mentor.

Interdisciplinary Services

Universität Hamburg
Universität Hamburg supports scientists in their career development. You can find an itemized list of the services for each academic qualification level at the university’s WIP portal.

Hamburger Zentrum für Universitäers Lehren und Lernen (U|H|L)
The program "HUL - Good Teaching Practice" offers free seminars, workshops and individual coachings for lecturers at Universität Hamburg in order to improve their teaching methods and didactic competences:

Expert Advisory Network / Mentoring
Supports women by offering mentoring and advice in career matters:

Pro Exzellenzia
Networking, training and support: The target group is female graduates, doctoral candidates and post-docs from the areas MINT, art, music and architecture.

INposition (FAHW e.V.)
Through the action-oriented, systematic and efficiently implemented approach of Active Positioning, highly qualified academics are motivated to assume leadership responsibilities. INposition offers seminars, workshops, coaching, talks, working groups. Cost examples: A career check (2h) costs 25€, an individual coaching (2h) 80€ plus VAT.

Discipline-Specific Services

Anna Logica (MIN Faculty)
Female students and graduates from the MIN Faculty can take part in the computer science promotion of women program. You can find seminars on the key competences and information about network meetings here: