CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Equal Opportunities at CliSAP

What have we achieved?

  • More flexibility for family commitments
    CliSAP helps academics with childcare and care of relatives by providing financial support for home care support. This allows the applicant to combine research and family life more flexibly.
  • "Dual Career" Service
    So far, CliSAP has actively supported dual careers by offering jobs to partners in five cases.
  • Childcare service during CliSAP conferences
    Childcare was offered for the first time during an international conference for young scientists (ICYESS). This service was provided by the “Studierendenwerk Hamburg”(Hamburg Student Union).
  • Family-friendly SICSS-guidelines
    Membership regulations for the SICSS Graduate School have been changed to make them more family friendly. Previously, membership could only be extended on academic grounds. Now family responsibilities are recognized as a reason for extension.
  • Parent and Child Office
    In April 2014 CliSAP established a Parent and Child Office. In an emergency you can look after your child here while you work.

A list with all still implemented measures can be found here.

Where is there still need for action?

Gender ratios at CliSAP (2013) for each level of scientific qualification. Status: 31. March 2013.

A look at the current gender ratios at CliSAP shows that the trend among masters and doctoral students is well-balanced. At the moment 53% of students at this level are female.  
However, the trend changes when we look at the upper ranks; among post-docs the proportion of women is only 26%. This trend continues in higher qualifications. Only among the Principal Investigators has there been a slight increase, and here 23% are women.  

Generally, the move into the postdoc phase appears to be a critical point. To improve the situation CliSAP has implemented the following measures:

Status: 31.12.2016

In 2016 the gender ratios at CliSAP shows that the trend among masters and doctoral students is still well-balanced. In the upper ranks the trend of proportion of women has increased during the last three years. Compared to Geoscience at Universität Hamburg and throughout Germany it is even higher (except postdoc phase). Nevertheless the move into the postdoc phase still appears to be a critical point.


The CliSAP Cluster of Excellence has set five general goals, which are outlined in its Gender Action Plan (PDF):

  • Increasing the number of women at all academic levels 
  • Creating work structures and organization together with academic cultures that are universally gender and family friendly
  • Improving work-life balance and promoting a positive and creative environment for excellent research
  • Measures relating to "Awareness Growing"
  • Monitoring the success of the measures introduced 

Gender Task Force

Gender Task Force: A. Allner, M. Köhl, R. Möller, B. Leitl, B. Ratter

A Gender Task Force has been established in June 2011 and implements the actions described in the Gender Action Plan. Furthermore, the Task Force serves as a contact for all CliSAP researchers facing questions and problems concerning gender issues.



The members are: