CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".


  1. 22.03.2017

    Weather forecasts for Pakistani farmers

    The agricultural economist Muhammad Abid interviewed farmers in Pakistan about climate change. Some farmers are already adapting, but there is a lack of support in many places.

  2. 15.02.2016

    Jürgen Scheffran über komplexe Krisen und das Klima der Unsicherheit

    Das Jahr 2015 hat Krisen wie am Fließband sichtbar gemacht. Ukraine, Griechenland, Syrien, Irak, Afghanistan, Mali, Paris, Köln: Dies sind nur einige der Brennpunkte, an denen sich destruktive Entwicklungen entluden. Damit verbunden sind Flüchtlingskrisen und Umweltkatastrophen wie Stürme,...

  3. 30.06.2015

    CliSAP Workshop: Migration in Times of Crisis

    There are two chief causes of migration: environmental destruction and global climate change on the one hand, and political oppression and violent conflicts on the other. What human mobility looks like under these conditions was the focus of an international workshop organized by CliSAP researchers...

  4. 13.05.2015

    Geographers Meet to Discuss Changes in Seas and Coasts

    From May 6 to 9, roughly 40 experts presented the latest research questions and findings on climate change, coastal protection and environmental changes in coasts and seas around the globe. The 33rd Annual Meeting of the "Working Group Marine and Coastal Geography" (AMK) was made possible by the...

  5. 25.02.2014

    New CLISEC publication: Arabian Journal of Geosciences

    New CLISEC publication:

    Zhang, C., Lin, H., Chen, M. & Yang, L. (2014): Scale Matching of Multiscale Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Data and the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model: a Case Study of Meteorological Simulation in Hong Kong, Arabian Journal of Geosciences, online first.

  6. 15.01.2014

    New CLISEC publication: Sustainability

    New CLISEC publication:

    Chi, S.H., Flint, C., Diehl, P., Vasquez, J. Scheffran, J., Radil, S.M. & Rider, T.J. (2014): The Spatial Diffusion of War: The Case of World War I, Journal of the Korean Geographical Society, 49 (1), pp. 57-76.