CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

The group at PDEs on the sphere conferences


Our group members present works at PDEs on the sphere conferences.

CRG Numerical Methods in Geosciences in Paris

Our group attended the PDEs on the sphere 2017 at Paris, France. All group members present their latest research on the workshop.

Stefan Vater shows numerical simulations of shallow water wave on adaptive mesh using RKDG method, while Anja Jeschke gives a talk on depth-averaged non-hydrostatic extension of shallow water equations using DG discretization. 

Marien Lennart shows his progress on the representation of pressure gradient force on terrain-following coordinate for regional climate model REMO. 

Two other PhD students shows their work by poster. Yumeng Chen shows some preliminary results of adaptive mesh refinement for tracer transport on sphere, while Anusha Sunkisala shows her progress on coupling strategy using Schwartz decomposition method.

One of our alumni, Werner Bauer, also attended the conference and showed his latest research progress on the conference.