CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Science Night in Hamburg


Jörn Behrens and Nicole Beisiegel participated in the 6th Science Night in Hamburg.

Jörn Behrens performing tsunami wave experiments with members of the audience.
Nicole Beisiegel and the other panel members who talked about careers in Earth system sciences.


...measure tsunami waves?

   ...become a climate scientist?


These were only two questions that were answered at this year's Science Night in Hamburg.

The Science Night is a bi-annual event  in Hamburg in which over 50 universities and research institutions take part in order to inform the public about latest research questions and findings and their current work.

The NumGeo group's contribution this year was particularly focussed on education of young (next-generation) researchers.

Jörn Behrens talked about the basic concepts of tsunami forecasting and early warning. One highlight of his presentation were the tsunami wave experiments that he performed in a self-built water tank. With the help of kids from the audience, they measured wave arrival times and their dependence on mean water heights to observe that waves travel faster in deeper water.

Nicole Beisiegel talked to about her career in a panel discussion on "how to become a climate scientist". Together with other researchers from different backgrounds, she showed future students who are interested in earth system processes what education they need in order to get involved with researching our Earth.