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Article on third-order inundation modelling in out now!


Study of the viability of Bernstein polynomials for inundation modelling with third-order functions in a DG framework has been published.

Article in "Environmental Earth Science":

Quasi-nodal third-order Bernstein polynomials in a discontinuous Galerkin model for flooding and drying.

Abstract: A quasi-nodal discontinuous Galerkin (DG) model employs monotonicity preserving Bernstein polynomials as basis functions in combination with an efficient vertex-based slope limiter. As opposed to classical nodal Lagrange DG models, it simulates flooding and drying stably even with higher than second-order basis functions. We study the viability of the latter for inundation simulations in general and discuss the quality of the new basis functions. A subsequent numerical study demonstrates the conservation properties and local convergence rates of the new method.


The online version of the article can be found here: