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  • Brzoska, M. (2014). Ressourcen als Konfliktursache. Knappheit und Überfluss. In U. Schneckener, A. von Scheliha, A. Lienkamp, & B. Klagge (Eds.), Wettstreit um Ressourcen, Konflikte um Klima, Wasser und Boden (pp. 31-48). München: oekom verlag.
  • Ramseger, A., Kalinowski, M., & Weiß, L. (2009). CBRN Threats and the Economic Analysis of Terrorism. Economics of Security Working Paper Series, 9. Retrieved from
  • Oßenbrügge, J. (2008). Entgrenzung, Regionalisierung und Raumentwicklung im Diskurs der Moderne. In Globale Verflechtungen (Handbuch des Geographieunterrichts) (pp. 19-36).
  • Scheffran, J. (2013). Energy, climate change and conflict: securitization of migration, mitigation and geoengineering. In H. Dyer, & M. J. Trombetta (Eds.), International Handbook of Energy Security (pp. 319-344). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.
  • Maldonado, G. I. (2013). Socio-Territorial Vulnerability in Rural Areas: Globalization, Agrarian Transformation, and Rural-Urban-Linkages. PhD Thesis, Universität Hamburg, Hamburg.
  • Shum, C. K., Plag, H.-P., Schröter, J., Zlotnicki, V., Bender, P., Braun, A., Cazenave, A., Chamber, D., Duan, J., Emery, W., Fotopoulos, G., Gouretski, V., Gross, R., Gruber, T., Guo, J., Han, G., Hughes, C., Ishii, M., Jayne, S., Johannessen, J., Knudsen, P., Kuo, C., Leuliette, E., Levitus, S., Maximenko, N., Miller, L., Morison, J., Rashid, H., Ries, J., Rothacher, M., Rummel, R., Shibuya, K., Sideris, M., Song, Y. T., Stammer, D., Thomas, M., Willis, J., & Woodworth, P. (2010). Geodetic Observations of the Ocean Surface Topography, Geoid, Currents, and Changes in Ocean Mass and Volume. In J. Hall, D. E. Harrison, & D. Stammer (Eds.), Proceedings of OceanObs’09: Sustained Ocean Observations and Information for Society, Vol. 2 (pp. 923-936). European Space Agency.
  • Hünicke, B. (2010). Contribution of regional climate drivers to future winter sea-level changes in the Baltic Sea estimated by statistical methods and simulations of climate models. International Journal of Earth Sciences, 99(8), 1721-1730. doi:10.1007/s00531-009-0470-0.
  • Miehe, G., Miehe, S., Böhner, J., Kaiser, K., Hensen, I., Madsen, D., Liu, J., & Opgenoorth, L. (2014). How old is the human footprint in the world's largest alpine ecosystem? A review of multiproxy records from the Tibetan Plateau from the ecologists' viewpoint. Quaternary Science Reviews, 86, 190-209. doi:10.1016/j.quascirev.2013.12.004.
  • Scheffran, J., Brzoska, M., Kominek, J., Link, M., & Schilling, J. (2012). Climate Change and Violent Conflict. Science, 336(6083), 869-871. doi:10.1126/science.1221339.
  • Christ, T., Gellrich, A., & Ide, T. (Eds.). (2012). Zugänge zur Klimadebatte in Politikwissenschaft, Soziologie und Psychologie. Marburg: Metropolis.
  • Stammer, D., Park, S., Koehl, A., Lukas, R., & Santiago-Mandujano, F. (2008). Causes for large-scale hydrographic changes at the Hawaii Ocean time series station. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 38, 1931-1948. doi:10.1175/2008JPO3751.1.
  • Colavecchio, R., & Funke, M. (2009). Volatility dependence across Asia-Pacific onshore and offshore currency forwards markets. Journal of Asian Economics, 20(2), 174-196. doi:10.1016/j.asieco.2009.01.001.
  • von Storch, H., Feser, F., Haeseler, S., Lefebre, C., & Stendel, M. (2014). A violent mid-latitude storm in Northern Germany and Denmark, 28 October 2013. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 95(Spec. Suppl. - Explaining Extreme Events 2013 from a Climate Perspective), S 76-S 78. doi:10.1175/1520-0477-95.9.S1.1.
  • Dähnke, K., Emeis, K., Johannsen, A., & Nagel, B. (2010). Stable isotope composition and turnover of nitrate in the German Bight. Marine Ecology-Progress Series, 408, 7-U26. doi:10.3354/meps08558.
  • Laruelle, G. G., Dürr, H. H., Lauerwald, R., Hartmann, J., Slomp, C. P., Goossens, N., & Regnier, P. A. G. (2013). Global multi-scale segmentation of continental and coastal waters from the watersheds to the continental margins. HYDROLOGY AND EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCES, 17(5), 2029-2051. doi:10.5194/hess-17-2029-2013.
  • Lauri, P., Kallio, M., & Schneider, U. (2013). The future development of the use of wood in Russia and its potential impacts on the EU forest sector. SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF FOREST RESEARCH, 28(3), 291-302. doi:10.1080/02827581.2012.735695.
  • Knieling, J., Müller, B., Schlipf, S., & Wehnert, H. (2015). Erkenntnisse zur Klimaanpassung in der Stadt- und Regionalentwicklung aus der Forschungsinitiative KLIMZUG. In J. Knieling, & B. Müller (Eds.), Klimaanpassung in der Stadt- und Regionalentwicklung, Ansätze, Instrumente, Maßnahmen und Beispiele (pp. 431-449). München: oekom Verlag.
  • Zimmermann, T., Fröhlich, J., Knieling, J., & Kunert, L. (2013). Szenario-Workshops als partizipatives Instrument zur Anpassung an den Klimawandel. In A. Knierim, S. Baasch, & M. Gottschick (Eds.), Partizipation und Klimawandel - Ansprüche, Konzepte und Umsetzung (pp. 237-258). München: oekom Verlag.
  • Müller, F., Struyf, E., Hartmann, J., Wanner, A., & Jensen, K. (2013). A Comprehensive Study of Silica Pools and Fluxes in Wadden Sea Salt Marshes. ESTUARIES AND COASTS, 36(6), 1150-1164. doi:10.1007/s12237-013-9621-4.
  • Koltermann, K., Gouretski, V., & Jancke, K. (2011). Hydrographic Atlas of the World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE). Volume 3: Atlantic Ocean. Southampton: National Oceanography Center.