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  • Butzeck, C., Eschenbach, A., Gröngröft, A., Hansen, K., Nolte, S., & Jensen, K. (2014). Sediment Deposition and Accretion Rates in Tidal Marshes Are Highly Variable Along Estuarine Salinity and Flooding Gradients. Estuaries and Coasts, available online. doi:10.1007/s12237-014-9848-8.
  • Scheffran, J., & Cannaday, T. (2013). Resistance against Climate Change Policies: The Conflict Potential of Non-Fossil Energy Paths and Climate Engineering. In B. Balasz, C. Burnley, C. Burnley, I. Comardicea, & R. Roffey (Eds.), Global Environmental Change: New Drivers for Resistance, Crime and Terrorism? (pp. 261-292). Berlin: Springer.
  • Ratter, B. (2008). Forschung zur Sozioökonomie des Küstenraums in Zeiten des Klimawandels. Gaia-Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society, 17(3), 315-317.
  • Reimann, T., Lindhorst, S., Thomsen, K. J., Murray, A. S., & Frechen, M. (2012). OSL dating of mixed coastal sediment (Sylt, German Bight, North Sea). Quaternary Geochronology, 11, 52-67. doi:10.1016/j.quageo.2012.04.006.
  • Ratter, B., & Petzold, J. (2012). From Ecological Footprint To Ecological Fingerprint: Sustainable development on Helgoland. In K. Topsø Larsen (Ed.), From one island to another: a Celebration of Island Connections (pp. 191-203). Bornholm: Centre For Regional And Tourism Research.
  • Kremer, H., Nicholls, R., Ratter, B., & Weisse, R. (Eds.). (2013). Risk and Management of Current and Future Storm Surges. New York [u.a.]: Springer.
  • Humbert, A., Gross, D., Mueller, R., Braun, M., van de Wal, R. S. W., van den Broeke, M. R., Vaughan, D. G., & van de Berg, W. J. (2010). Deformation and failure of the ice bridge on the Wilkins Ice Shelf, Antarctica. ANNALS OF GLACIOLOGY, 51(55), 49-55. doi:10.3189/172756410791392709.
  • Köhler, P., Hartmann, J., & Wolf-Gladrow, D. A. (2010). Geoengineering potential of artificially enhanced silicate weathering of olivine. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 107(47), 20228-20233. doi:10.1073/pnas.1000545107.
  • Hartmann, J., Dürr, H., Moosdorf, N., Meybeck, M., & Kempe, S. (2012). The geochemical composition of the terrestrial surface (without soils) and comparison with the upper continental crust. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES, 101(1), 365-376. doi:10.1007/s00531-010-0635-x.
  • Saey, P. R. J., Schlosser, C., Achim, P., Auer, M., Axelsson, A., Becker, A., Blanchard, X., Brachet, G., Cella, L., De Geer, L.-E., Kalinowski, M., Le Petit, G., Peterson, J., Popov, V., Popov, Y., Ringbom, A., Sartorius, H., Taffary, T., & Zaehringer, M. (2010). Environmental Radioxenon Levels in Europe: a Comprehensive Overview. PURE AND APPLIED GEOPHYSICS, 167(4-5), 499-515. doi:10.1007/s00024-009-0034-z.
  • Brath, M., Scharffenberg, M., Serra, N., & Stammer, D. (2010). Eddy transports in the subpolar North Atlantic as seen by the TOPEX/JASON-1 tandem mission data. Journal of Geodesy, 33, 472-503.
  • Moosdorf, N., Hartmann, J., Lauerwald, R., Durr, H. H., Kempe, S., Loos, S., & Middelkoop, H. (2010). Dissolved silica mobilization in the conterminous USA. CHEMICAL GEOLOGY, 270(1-4), 90-109. doi:10.1016/j.chemgeo.2009.11.008.
  • Böhner, J., & Ratter, B. (Eds.). (2010). Klimawandel und Klimawirkung. Hamburger Symposium Geographie, 2.
  • Ratter, B., & Kruse, N. (2010). Klimawandel und Wahrnehmung: Risiko und Risikobewusstsein in Hamburg. In J. Böhner, & B. Ratter (Eds.), Klimawandel und Klimawirkung. (Hamburger Symposium Geographie, 2) (pp. 119-137). Hamburg: Inst. für Geographie.
  • Begoin, M., Richter, A., Weber, M., Kaleschke, L., Tian-Kunze, X., Stohl, A., Theys, N., & Burrows, J. P. (2010). Satellite observations of long range transport of a large BrO plume in the Arctic. ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS, 10(14), 6515-6526. doi:10.5194/acp-10-6515-2010.
  • Gaye, B., Nagel, B., Daehnke, K., Rixen, T., Lahajnar, N., & Emeis, K.-.-C. (2013). Amino acid composition and delta N-15 of suspended matter in the Arabian Sea: implications for organic matter sources and degradation. Biogeosciences, 10(11), 7689-7702. doi:10.5194/bg-10-7689-2013.
  • Zubrzycki, S., Kutzbach, L., & Pfeiffer, E.-M. (2012). Böden in Permafrostgebieten der Arktis als Kohlenstoffsenke und Kohlenstoffquelle. Polarforschung, 81, 33-46.
  • O'Dowd, C., Varghese, S., Martin, D., Flanagan, R., McKinstry, A., Ceburnis, D., Ovadnevaite, J., Martucci, G., Bialek, J., Monahan, C., Berresheim, H., Vaishya, A., Grigas, T., McGraw, Z., Jennings, S. G., Langmann, B., Semmler, T., & McGrath, R. (2012). The Eyjafjallajokull ash plume - Part 2: Simulating ash cloud dispersion with REMOTE. ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT, 48, 143-151. doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2011.10.037.
  • Kang, S., Önal, H., Ouyang, Y., Scheffran, J., & Tursun, Ü. (2010). Optimizing the Biofuels Infrastructure: Transportation Networks and Biorefinery Locations in Illinois. In Natural Resource Management and Policy (pp. 151-173). Springer New York.
  • Wilson, W. S., Abdalati, W., Alsdorf, D., Benveniste, J., Bonekamp, H., Cogley, J. G., Drinkwater, M. R., Fu, L.-L., Gross, R., Haines, B. J., Harrison, D. E., Johnson, G. C., Johnson, M., LaBrecque, J. L., Lindstrom, E. J., Merrifield, M. A., Miller, L., Pavlis, E. C., Piotrowicz, S., Roemmich, D., Stammer, D., Thomas, R. H., Thouvenot, E., & Woodworth, P. L. (2010). Observing Systems Needed to Address Sea-Level Rise and Variability. In J. A. Church et al (Ed.), Understanding Sea-Level Rise and Variability. Oxford, UK: Wiley-Blackwell.