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  • Zubrzycki, S., Kutzbach, L., & Pfeiffer, E.-M. (2012). Böden in Permafrostgebieten der Arktis als Kohlenstoffsenke und Kohlenstoffquelle. Polarforschung, 81, 33-46.
  • Santarius, T., Scheffran, J., & Tricarico, A. (2012). North South Transitions to Green Economies: Making Export Support, Technology Transfer, and Foreign Direct Investments Work for Climate Protection. Heinrich Böll Foundation.
  • Fröhlich, C. (2012). Security and discourse: The Israeli-Palestinian water discourse. Conflict, Security & Development, 12, 123-148. doi:10.1080/14678802.2012.688290.
  • Fröhlich, C. (2012). Water: Reason for conflict or catalyst for peace? The case of the Middle East. L’Europe en Formation, 365, 139-169.
  • Brzoska, M., & Oels, A. (2012). Massenmigration und Klimakriege? Diskurse über Klimawandel als Sicherheitsbedrohung und ihr Einfluss auf die Politik. Wissenschaft und Frieden, 30, 19-22.
  • Brzoska, M., Link, P., & Neuneck, G. (2012). Geoengineering - Möglichkeiten und Risiken. Sicherheit und Frieden, 30, 185-193.
  • Maas, A., & Scheffran, J. (2012). Climate conflicts 2.0? Climate engineering as challenge for international peace and security. Sicherheit und Frieden, 30, 193-200.
  • Ide, T., Scheffran, J., & Schilling, J. (2012). Führt der Klimawandel zu mehr Gewaltkonflikten. Wissenschaft und Frieden, 30, 7-9.
  • Lara-Estrada, L. D., Haggar, J., Stoian, D., & Rapidel, B. (2012). Coffee yield variations and their relations to rainfall events in Nicaragua. In ASIC: Programme and Abstracts.
  • Kedenburg, H. (2012). Development of a new digital lithological map of the Indian subcontinent, including the Himalaya (Diploma Mapping). Diploma Thesis, Universität Hamburg, Hamburg.
  • Baumgratz, A. (2012). Impact of plant species on Olivine dissolution. Diploma Thesis, Universität Hamburg, Hamburg.
  • Minde, B. (2012). CO2-partial pressure patterns in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Diploma Thesis, Universität Hamburg, Hamburg.
  • Kedenburg, H. (2012). Geogenic dissolved river fluxes from the Himalaya to the Indic ocean. Diploma Thesis, Universität Hamburg, Hamburg.
  • Franzen, M., & Rödder, S. (2012). Exploring the Impact of Science Communication on Scientific Knowledge Production: An Introduction. In The Sciences’ Media Connection –Public Communication and its Repercussions (pp. 3-14). Berlin: Springer.
  • Rödder, S., Franzen, M., & Weingart, P. (Eds.). (2012). The Sciences’ Media Connection –Public Communication and its Repercussions. Berlin: Springer.
  • Weingart, P., Franzen, M., & Rödder, S. (2012). Dimensions of Medialization: Concluding Remarks. In The Sciences’ Media Connection –Public Communication and its Repercussions (pp. 363-373). Berlin: Springer.
  • Rödder, S. (2012). The Ambivalence of Visible Scientists. In The Sciences’ Media Connection –Public Communication and its Repercussions (pp. 155-177). Berlin: Springer.
  • Sobiech, C. (2012). Agent-based Simulation of Vulnerability Dynamics: A Case Study of the German North Sea Coast. PhD Thesis, Universität Hamburg, Hamburg.
  • Franzen, M., Rödder, S., & Weingart, P. (2012). Wissenschaft und Massenmedien: Von Popularisierung zu Medialisierung. In S. Maasen, & M. Kaiser (Eds.), Handbuch Wissenschafssoziologie (pp. 355-364). Wiesbaden: Springer Fachmedien.
  • Brauch, H. G., & Scheffran, J. (2012). Climate Change, Human Security, and Violent Conflict in the Anthropocene. Introduction. In J. Scheffran, M. Brzoska, H. G. Brauch, P. Link, & J. Schilling (Eds.), Climate Change, Human Security and Violent Conflict (pp. 3-40). Berlin: Springer.