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  • Koldunov, N., Serra, N., Köhl, A., Stammer, D., Henry, O., Cazenave, A., Prandi, P., Knudsen, P., Andersen, O., Gao, Y., & Johannessen, J. (2015). Multi-model Simulations of Arctic Ocean Sea Surface Height Variability in the Period 1970-2009. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 119, 8936-8954. doi:10.1002/2014JC010170.
  • Wang, W., Zhu, X., Wang, C., & Köhl, A. (2014). Deep Meridional Overturning Circulation in the Indian Ocean and Its Relation to Indian Ocean Dipole. Journal of Climate, 27, 4508-4520. doi:10.1175/JCLI-D-13-00472.1.
  • Köhl, M., Frühwald, A., Kenter, B., Olschofsky, K., Köhler, R., Köthke, M., Rüter, S., Pretzsch, H., Rötzer, T., Makeschin, F., Abiy, M., & Dieter, M. (2009). Potenzial und Dynamik der Kohlenstoffspeicherung in Wald und Holz: Beitrag des deutschen Forst- und Holzsektors zum Klimaschutz. Landbauforschung - vTI Agriculture and Forestry Research Sonderheft, (327), 103-109.
  • Krueger, O., & von Storch, H. (2012). The Informational Value of Pressure-Based Single-Station Proxies for Storm Activity. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 29(4), 569-580. doi:10.1175/JTECH-D-11-00163.1.
  • Ratter, B., & Gee, K. (2012). Heimat - A German concept of regional perception and identity as a basis for coastal management in the Wadden Sea. Ocean & Coastal Management, 68, 127-137. doi:10.1016/j.ocecoaman.2012.04.013.
  • Winterfeldt, J., Andersson, A., Klepp, C., Bakan, S., & Weisse, R. (2010). Comparison of HOAPS, QuikSCAT, and buoy wind speed in the Eastern North Atlantic and the North Sea. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience & Remote Sensing, 48, 338-348. doi:10.1109/TGRS.2009.2023982.
  • Ratter, B., & Treiling, T. (2008). Komplexität — oder was bedeuten die Pfeile zwischen den Kästchen. In Umwelt als System — System als Umwelt? Systemtheorien auf dem Prüfstand. (pp. 23-38). München: Oekom.
  • Matei, D., Baehr, J., Jungclaus, J., Haak, H., Mueller, W., & Marotzke, J. (2012). Response to comment on "Multiyear prediction of monthly mean Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation at 26.5ºN". Science, 338(6108), 604-d. doi:10.1126/science.1223200.
  • von Storch, H., & Hasselmann, K. F. (2010). Seventy years of exploration in oceanography: A prolonged weekend discussion with Walter Munk. Berlin u.a.: Springer.
  • Bohnenstengel, S., & Schlünzen, H. (2009). Performance of Different Sub-Grid-Scale Surface Flux Parameterizations for Urban and Rural Areas. In A. Baklanov, S. Grimmond, A. Mahura, & M. Athanassiadou (Eds.), Meteorological and Air Quality Models for Urban Areas.
  • Sobiech, C. (2012). Agent-based Simulation of Vulnerability Dynamics: A Case Study of the German North Sea Coast. PhD Thesis, Universität Hamburg, Hamburg.
  • Meyer, I., & Scheffran, J. (2008). Potenziale und Grenzen von Biokraftstoffen: Bioenergie für Klimaschutz und nachhaltige Entwicklung? Wissenschaft und Umwelt Interdisziplinär, 11, 80-93.
  • Ratter, B., & Welp, M. (2008). Mensch/Natur-Interaktion im Anthropozän-Potenziale der sozial-ökologischen Systemanalyse. Gaia-Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society, 17(3), 334-336.
  • Olesen, H., Baklanov, A., Bartzis, J., Barmpas, F., Berkowicz, R., Brzozowski, K., Buccolieri, R., Carissimo, B., Costa, A., Di Sabatino, S., Leitl, B., & Schatzmann, M. (2008). The must model evaluation exercise: Patterns in model performance. Croatian Meteorological Journal, 43(43/1), 403-408.
  • Gebert, J., Gröngröft, A., & Eschenbach, A. (2010). Eignung von Baggergut im Deichbau. In Baggern - Unterbringen - Aufbereiten - Verwerten: 6. Rostocker Baggergutseminar (pp. 65-78). Rostock.
  • Michajlov, O. A., Zagirova, S. V., Miglovec, M. N., Schneider, J., Gaz̆ovic̆, M., & Kutzbach, L. (2011). The estimation of carbon dioxide fluxes in vegetation communities of a meso-oligotrophic peatland in the middle taiga. Theoretical and Practical Ecology, 2, 44-51.
  • Remke, T. (2014). On the variability in a regional climate model using dynamical downscaling with frequent reinitializations. Master Thesis, Universität Hamburg, School of Integrated Climate System Science (SICSS), Hamburg.
  • Vieira do Nascimento, D. (2012). Interorganizational Learning and Technology Transfer among Organizations of the Bioethanol Chain: an Analysis of the Transference of the Brazilian Flex-Fuel Vehicles Technology. [Paper presented at the Sustainability and Empowerment Conference].
  • Schneider, J., Kutzbach, L., Schulz, S., & Wilmking, M. (2009). Overestimation of CO2 respiration fluxes by the closed chamber method in low-turbulence nighttime conditions. Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences, 114(G3): G03005. doi:10.1029/2008JG000909.
  • Schilling, J., Akuno, M., Scheffran, J., & Weinzierl, T. (2014). On raids and relations: Climate change, pastoral conflict and adaptation in north-western Kenya. In U. Bob, & S. Bronkhorst (Eds.), Conflict-sensitive adaptation to climate change in Africa (pp. 241-268). Berlin: Berliner Wissenschaftsverlag.