CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".


  1. 12.04.2017

    Fresh analyses daily: Which countries report most on climate change?

    The first-ever database that quantifies and visualizes trends in the global online news coverage of climate change was recently launched. The Online Media Monitor (OMM) displays the percentage of climate change articles for 23 countries on five continents, updated daily, and follows the ongoing...

  2. 04.10.2016

    ICDC data now also at DKRZ & MODIS-AQUA NDVI

    Since more and more data pre / post processing jobs run on the DKRZ side, we now made the ICDC data sets available on mistral, too.

    You can find the data e.g. on mistralpp under /pool/data/ICDC/.

    In addition, in the context of upgrading our MODIS data base, we included the Collection 6 MODIS...

  3. 04.07.2016

    New Data: Ocean Reanalysis Intercomparison Project

    Organized by CLIVAR GSOP and GODAE OceanView, the Ocean Reanalysis Intercomparison Project (ORA-IP) was initiated in 2011 to facilitate a first step toward evaluating ocean reanalysis products by estimating the noise from the ensemble spread and to gain insight into ocean variability by...

  4. 16.12.2014

    Sum Components of Sea Level Rise Projection

    We are glad to announce new Features for the AR5 Sea Level Rise projection, that contains relative sea surface height (SSH) data until 2100. From now on you can sum selected components that contribute to the total sea level rise and plot maps, time series and sections.

  5. 01.10.2014

    Workshop: the first coordination meeting of German Climate Data Centres

    On 18 September, the first coordination meeting of several German Climate Data Centres was held hosted by the Integrated Climate Data Center (ICDC) at CEN of the University of Hamburg. Representatives of the data centres of the BSH (Hamburg), the DKRZ (Hamburg), various sites of the DWD (maritime...

  6. 22.09.2014

    Workshop: Researchers Investigate Measurement Errors in Sea Ice Models

    On September 18 and 19, a workshop on the Analysis and Optimization of Sea Ice Data was held at Bundesstraße 55 (formerly the ZMAW building). 55 researchers from around the globe accepted the invitation from Dr. Stefan Kern, a climatologist at CliSAP and the event’s organizer. Together they...