CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Now online at EOS: Report on "Volcanic ash workshop", 12-13 September 2016


The online portal of the AGU journal EOS (Earth and Space Science) has now published a report on the CliSAP workshop "Volcanic Ash as an Active Agent in the Earth System (VA3): Combining Models and Experiments" (12-13 September 2016), organized by Gholam Ali Hoshyaripour, Matthias Hort and Jens Hartmann.

Volcanic Ash Particles Hold Clues to Their History and Effects

Volcanic ash is a spectacular companion of volcanic activity that carries valuable information about the subsurface processes. It also poses a range of severe hazards to public health, infrastructure, aviation, and agriculture, and it plays a significant role in biogeochemical cycles.

Scientists can examine ash particles from volcanic eruptions for clues to the history of their journey from the lithosphere (Earth’s crust and upper mantle) to the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere ...
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(report by Gholam Ali Hoshyaripour, published online 3 April  2017)

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