CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".


Universität Hamburg, Center for Earth System Research and Sustainability (CEN)
Institute of Geography
Room 2013
Bundesstraße 53
20146 Hamburg

+49 40 42838 9193
+49 40 42838 9211

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Thesis subjects

Land use conflicts and industrialization of renewable energy in China

Research interests

Alternatives of renewable energy especially bioenergy and geothermal in the context of climate change

CliSAP Publications

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  • Shu, K. (2014). Sustainable bioenergy use and climate change in China: a spatial agent model for the case of Jiangsu Province. PhD Thesis, Universität Hamburg, Hamburg.
  • Link, M., Scheffran, J., & Shu, K. (2018). They sow the wind and reap bioenergy – Implications of the German energy transition on coastal communities in Schleswig ‐ Holstein, Germany. In P. C. Heidkamp, & J. Morrissey (Eds.), Towards Coastal Resilience and Sustainability. Bosa Roca: Taylor & Francis.