CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

“Geosciences in Germany” – CliSAP at the AGU Fall Meeting


From December 9 to 13, more than 20,000 researchers flocked to San Francisco to see the latest scientific advances and technological innovations in the geosciences. At the Fall Meeting of the “American Geophysical Union” (AGU) researchers from Hamburg’s Cluster of Excellence CliSAP also offered a look behind the scenes of their own work.

The "Geosciences in Germany" info booth at the Moscone Center in San Francisco (Photo: UHH/KlimaCampus/A. Allner)

At the world’s largest event for the geosciences, CliSAP shared an info booth with the German Research Foundation and the two North German Clusters of Excellence “Future Ocean” and “Marum”. Under the banner “Geosciences in Germany,” visitors had the chance to learn more about current research projects and career opportunities in Germany. “We were glad to see that there was so much interest in German climate research,” says CliSAP’s Executive Director Dr. Anke Allner. The booth served as an info-point and source of contact for established researchers, young talents and partners from around the globe.

In several presentations, our researchers provided extensive information on the focus areas of climate research in Hamburg. Further, CliSAP-Co-Chair Prof. Detlef Stammer and Dr. Felicia Brisc held presentations on how we visualize climate data. Young researchers were given a detailed look at the study program of Hamburg’s School of Integrated Climate System Sciences (SICSS): As part of the Career Guidance Workshop Prof. Matthias Hort, Head of the SICSS Graduate School, and SICSS alum Gholamali Hoshyaripour led a question-and-answer session.

"Geosciences in Germany": browse the program (PDF, 400 KB)