CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Postdoc Mentoring: Experienced Scientists Support Young Researchers


The CliSAP Cluster of Excellence now offers a mentoring program for postdocs. The core idea: Experienced scientists support young researchers when it comes to career development. Both sides benefit from the collaboration.

Many young scientists are wondering about the following when planning their academic career: Which step is actually the right one for my personal career? Am I aiming at a junior professorship  or a position in the economy? And what about my professional network ? In answering those questions experienced  scientists can help by encouraging the postdocs with their expert knowledge  and support them in their professional development. "A trustful exchange with an experienced counterpart can provide valuable advice on how to better assess the uncertainties of a scientific career, and to ask yourself the right questions”, comments Professor Anita Engels, who is active in various mentoring programs nationwide. She emphasizes that not only the mentee takes advantage of the collaboration: My own personal experience strongly supports that mentors are beneficiaries as well by being caused to reflect on their own career paths and setting priorities."

The regular exchange is now also officially possible at CliSAP Excellence Cluster. Principal investigators and leading senior researchers are asked and encouraged to participate in the mentoring program COM (Career Oriented Mentoring).

The mentors and the young researchers are meeting regularly to exchange experiences. Together they develop strategies for individual career planning .
COM is a program geared towards establishing a mentoring-relationship between postdocs and mentor. Jointly, they establish a career perspective and arrange an individual plan on how to best pursue this idea. At the beginning of the mentoring relationship, a meeting every two months is recommended. In addition, there is an annual meeting of all mentors and mentees taking place with the option for networking and feedback.

If you are interested to accept the responsibility as a mentor, please get in touch with Dr. Anke Allner ( by April 30, 2014.