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Climate-KIC summer school: the springboard for sustainable start-ups


Last Monday, 39 master’s students from all across the world embarked on a five-week summer school called Climate-KIC—The Journey. At Universität Hamburg’s Center for Earth System Research and Sustainability (CEN), two weeks of the program are dedicated to prepping participants for devising sustainable start-up ideas.

Workshops let students jointly develop innovative start-up ideas for the climate and energy industry.
While on tour to Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, the students explored the Energy Bunker.
Rhea completed one of Climate-KIC’s certified master’s programs that impart knowledge on climate change, innovation, and founding start-ups.

Specializing in environmental management, energy systems, or innovation design these students share one goal: to start businesses geared towards stopping climate change. The CEN provides them with a versatile program. Activities range from workshops on climate research, teambuilding, or sustainable economic models to visits at sustainable start-ups in Hamburg and coaching sessions in entrepreneurialism.

Yesterday, the students visited Hamburg’s Ministry for Environment and Energy in Wilhelmsburg. Lectures and workshops provided them with a chance to discuss innovative energy concepts for the City with local experts. The afternoon was reserved for a tour of various projects realized within the International Building Exhibition. Once more, the focus was on innovative energy solutions in urban planning and building. Two colleagues from Hamburg Energie—a major local energy supplier—took the group sightseeing in Wilhelmsburg. After touring the Energy Bunker, the students learned more about the renovation of a social housing project as well as brand-new building techniques with sophisticated energy solutions based on sustainable materials.

Some students may arrive at the summer school with a head full of ready-made business ideas. Others may partner up with like-minded students in order to create innovative approaches here. “I wrote my master’s thesis on ways to integrate renewable energies into power networks,” says Rhea who studied Energy Science and Technology at ETH Zurich in Switzerland. “I am really impressed by the diversity of ideas and skills gathered here. It’s just buzzing with start-up concepts.”

After their stay in Hamburg, the students will travel to London for two weeks. This part of the program will prepare them for the finale in Birmingham where they will present the ideas and concepts from their Journey. Colleagues from the CEN and the Climate-KIC Offices in London und Berlin are accompanying the program.

Climate-KIC—The Journey

Since 2010, The Journey brings together students from different academic disciplines. They travel to various destinations within Europe and learn to tailor their business enterprises to meet specific challenges of climate change.

Climate-KIC is a platform for partners from private, public, and academic arenas. It is the EU’s main climate innovation initiative fostering start-ups and young researchers’ projects.

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