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The Earth is Changing: About 500 Geoscientists will meet at the Conference in Hamburg


While the world´s population is steadily growing, people live in more and more densely populated regions, and are increasingly integrated; this makes them vulnerable to natural hazards, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, or floods. More than 500 geoscientists will meet from 5-8 March 2012 on the KlimaCampus in Hamburg in order to exchange views during the annual meeting of the German Geophysical Society (DGG). The meeting will be held from 5-8 March in Hamburg – at the Geomatikum located on the Bundesstraße.

This year´s DGG annual meeting provides a forum for discussing themes, such as "Geophysical Earth System Studies", "Passive Seismics in Applied Geophysics", or "Natural Hazards and Geophysics".
With more than 400 lectures and presentations, scientists will be informed on current trends in scientific research. The meeting focuses on earthquakes and volcanoes being especially hazardous for densely populated regions, or so-called megacities. Geophysical research provides key information for the assessment of these hazards. "Geophysics plays a central role in assessing, early warning, as well as forecasting natural hazards," points out Professor Matthias Hort, director of the Geophysical Institute.

Further topics of the conference are: The Formation of Icebergs, Earth Case Studies in Urban Areas, or Submarine Volcanoes in the Aegean Sea. "The entire range of geophysical research will be presented," says conference chairperson Professor Torsten Dahm. "We are especially pleased about the large number of young scientists contributing a major part of the presentations."

Not only scientists, but also the interested public is cordially invited: On Monday, 5 March, Professor Heinrich Miller from the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research will give a lecture on "The Geophysical Exploration of the Antarctic". Professor Hans von Storch will give a lecture about "Climate research – is this physics?" (in german) on Wednesday, 7 March.

Here you will find further information on the conference and the entire program.