CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Visualisation done differently: Climate as reflected in the media


"All that we know of the world, we know through the mass media", the sociologist Niklas Luhmann once wrote. The media plays a central role too in perceptions of climate change. The research group based around junior professor Mike S. Schaefer looked into when and how often the most important daily newspapers from 26 countries reported on the issue of climate change. The results of this study are presented in the most recent KlimaCampus visualisation.

The film makes the point: climate change is not just an issue in industrial countries, but also in developing countries. In the years since 1996 coverage of climate change has increased by a factor of between four and eight times.

It was apparent that attention from the media has developed in a similar manner in European and North American countries. "What seems to set the agenda are events in international climate politics, such as climate summits or status reports on the global climate", said junior professor Mike S. Schäfer.
In other parts of the world on the other hand the picture is not so coherent. The media responds in an individual manner and does not orient itself with neighbouring countries or to global climate events.

The "Visualisation" division at KlimaCampus compiles regular abstracts of current climate research.  Complex relationships are presented in a digestible fashion with the help of video clips and graphics.

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