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KlimaCampus conference "Severe Atmospheric Aerosol Events"


An international conference on aerosol emissions will be held in Hamburg on August 11th and 12th, 2011. Geologists, meteorologists, physicists, and numerous scientists from other disciplines will come to the KlimaCampus to discuss the formation and impact of large-scale particulate emissions and their influence on the climate and society.

Geological history shows us that huge volcanic eruptions have influenced the climate over periods of months or years. Clouds of volcanic ash have darkened the sun to such a degree that surface temperatures decreased across the world. Other natural events, such as forest fires, can also have a significant impact on the climate. Such changes to the climate caused by aerosol emissions have an impact on agriculture and can endanger the safety of large numbers of people, for example through famine.

Climate scientists and peace researchers from around the world will gather at the KlimaCampus conference to address climate and environmental impacts of large aerosol discharges. The potential impacts of human activities will also be considered: for example a "nuclear winter" has been predicted for a nuclear conflict which involves approximately a hundred nuclear explosions. Or a suggested intentional cooling of the atmosphere to reduce global warming – so-called geo-engineering. The consequences for the environment and socio-economic implications will take center place at the discussions. Toward the end of the conference, scientists will also raise the issue of political intervention.

The conference is being organized by the Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker Center for Science and Peace Research in cooperation with the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, the Research Group Climate Change and Security (CLISEC) of the KlimaCampus Hamburg, and the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.
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Additional events associated with the conference

Just before the conference opens there will be two workshops on ATHAM (Active Tracer High Resolution Atmospheric Model) and on nuclear weapons and disarmament. These workshops will be held on 10th August at the Center for Science and Peace Research ZNF (room 2/023, second floor, Beim Schlump 83, 20144 Hamburg). More information here.

In association with the conference, Owen Brian Toon will hold a public talk titled "The Anti-Greenhouse Effect Along the Spiral of Geologic Time" on the 11th of August (17:30, ESA 1, lecture hall B). Numerous international experts will also be making contributions to the conference (see program).

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