CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Founding of the CEN: The KlimaCampus’ home within the University


The first research center at the MIN faculty: The Center for Earth Systems Research and Sustainability (CEN, Centrum für Erdsystemforschung und Nachhaltigkeit), has now been founded at the Faculty for Mathematics, Informatics, and Natural Sciences (MIN) within the University of Hamburg. A conversation with he dean of the faculty, Prof. Heinrich Graener, and CENs head, Prof. Detlef Stammer.

Prof. Graener, Prof. Stammer, congratulations on founding CEN. At the KlimaCampus, we have already achieved a high level of excellent, integrated research. What is new about CEN?

Graener: CEN is the KlimaCampus’ ‘home’ within the University. The cooperation between different institutes under the auspices of the KlimaCampus, which has indeed been close and fruitful, has not until now been well formalized. With the CEN, we are officially recognizing the structures that were created through the Excellence Initiative.

Up until now, there was the ZMK, the Center for Ocean and Climate Research. What differentiates the two?

Stammer: The ZMK, which represented an important cooperation between the Institutes in the Departments of Biology and Geo-Sciences, is now being incorporated into the CEN. The cooperation between various research areas has expanded critically with the Excellence Initiative, both in the number of subjects and institutes. The expansion to “Earth Systems Research and Sustainability” is thus accurate and necessary. We are grouping the interests of the individual institutes and are helping to develop common strategies and infrastructures for the KlimaCampus’ research. In doing so, we are taking an important step forwards, increasing our ability to perform and our visibility, once again energizing our research community.

CEN is located at the natural sciences’ MIN faculty. Are those topics related to humanities being split off?

Stammer: Not at all. Parts of the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences and the Centre for Globalization and Governance are explicitly integrated in CEN as associated partners. Furthermore, we will be inviting further internal and external partners to research with us at CEN as associated partners.

Where will CEN literally be ‘sitting’?

Graener: At the heart of Hamburg’s Climate Research. We are very happy that CEN has been given a home in the course of the city’s urban planning, with rooms in the KlimaCampus’ new building on the Bundesstraße/Beim Schlump – closely connected with its partners at the Max Planck Institute and the German Climate Computing Center.