CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Geo-Software - From Hamburg out into the World


With more than 300,000 users, SAGA is today one of the world’s most extensively wide-spread open source geo-information systems. The “System for Automated Geoscience Analysis” has been in development at the University of Hamburg’s KlimaCampus since 2007.

Using SAGA, Geo-data can be obtained, managed, evaluated, and visualized. The software links and processes data from field experiments, satellite photos, models, or other databases in various scales.

Originally developed for use in hydrological and topo-climatic modeling, the software has come to be used by scientists from various fields: Ecosystem and biodiversity researchers, soil scientists, and economic geographers all profit from a comprehensive and continually developing catalogue of tools for analysis and modeling.

Olaf Conrad from the KlimaCampus, Chief Developer and Chairman of the User Group says, “the decision to distribute the software for use free of charge was in retrospect very smart, as you can see reflected not only in the number of international users, but also in the growing number of scientific studies based on SAGA.” At the moment, Conrad is working together with his colleague Jürgen Böhner, also from the KlimaCampus, on the development of a spatially high definition global climate databank. This work is designed to be used, in light of climate change, in habitat modeling or as a basis for planing sustainable land-use programs in developing countries, for example.

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