CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

First YESS Retreat: The role and importance of communicating Earth System Science


During the first YESS (Young Earth System Scientists) Retreat from 7-9 November, a group of YESS members from Potsdam, Berlin, Paris and from CliSAP in Hamburg met and discussed in a pleasant and stimulating environment just 15 km south of Hamburg.The group of 18 YESS members made use of this opportunity to concentrate on one pivotal question: the role and importance of communicating Earth System Science.

Earth System Science communication is a topic that rarely makes it into the daily research routine, yet is highly relevant with respect to not only how research is being perceived from the "outside", but also what role researchers should strive for: increasing knowledge on the Earth system for everyone. Three working groups were formed, each addressing a specific question.

One group focused on the creation of an Earth System Science questionnaire for polling lay people either on the street or via an online survey on their respective understanding of Earth System Science and its implications. A second group worked on improving communication with media outlets and how to get scientific output of Earth System Science across to a general audience. A third group developed a block period for high school grades on the functioning and methods behind climate modeling.

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