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Prof. Anita Engels receives the Pro-Women Award from the University of Hamburg


Hamburg Sociology professor and deputy spokesperson for CliSAP Anita Engels has been awarded the Pro-Women Award by the University of Hamburg for her research project “Women in Top Research Positions.”

For five years Engels and her team studied equal opportunities for men and women in the German federal and state Excellence Initiative, and found positive developments. But they also found that there is still more to be done to prevent discrimination against women in top-level research.

At the awards ceremony, academic senator Dr. Dorothee Stapelfeldt emphasized how important it is not to let up when it comes to equal opportunities. In Hamburg almost one in four professors are now women, and among junior professors the figure is about 50%. “The old adage ‘the higher the qualification, the lower the proportion of women’ still holds true,” stated the senator. At the ceremony the University’s Vice-President, Rosemarie Mielke called for the “glass ceiling” to be finally broken. 

Professor Engels shares the award for outstanding work in the field of equal opportunities for men and women with Professor Ulrik Lembke from the Faculty of Law. Lembke received the prize for her innovative teaching style, which improves the situation of women students.  

The prize of 10,000 EUR was awarded for the 17th time this year. Since 1997, the University of Hamburg has awarded the prize in recognition of innovative projects and structural measures in the area of promoting women. It can be given to individuals, groups or departments from the University that take measures to visibly and sustainably promote women.   

Pro-Women Prize at the University of Hamburg
Project “Women in Top Research Positions”
Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity