CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Science for everyone: Hamburg´s Science Night on October 29th.


Dense data jungle? Cumbersome formulae? Not at all! Come and experience just how fascinating science can be at Hamburg’s fourth Science Night. On Saturday the 29th October around 50 scientific institutions will open their doors from 5pm until midnight to introduce their research topics to those interested. Also on board: members of the KlimaCampus and scientists from the department of mathematics.

In the Geomatikum and in the ZMAW building, Bundesstrasse 53-55, visitors will be offered an extensive program of lectures, exhibitions, experiments and interactive activities. If you want to know how climate scientists work, which equipment and measuring instruments they use and where they get their data, you´re in the right place. Whether it´s research ships, supercomputers, wind tunnels, computer simulations or fiddly mathematics: Hamburg scientists will explain their everyday work. Visitors can take part in experiments, go on tours or do a maths quiz.

As many different faculties work together at the KlimaCampus the questions asked will be very different: What causes earthquakes? What is life on a research ship like? How do I become a climate scientist? Why are there so few plants in the Sahara?

"Together with many of our dedicated colleagues, we have arranged a program with a lot of variety.  It covers topics such as the scientific, economic and social aspects of climate change, the effects of climate change on Hamburg, sustainability in Vietnam and global carbon trading", reports Ute Kreis from the KlimaCampus Public Relations Department. "Yet it will also be hands-on: children can drive model ships, look for dinosaur eggs in the children´s museum or explore ocean currents with rubber ducks. Teenagers and adults can enjoy mathematical puzzles and climate theatre or sit in the KlimaCafe and let it all sink in.

Families with children, young people searching for the right course and all interested night owls are cordially invited to the Bundesstrasse. You will find the program here.