CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Science and Economy in Dialogue: Start of the "Hanseatic University Colloquy"


Scientists from Hamburg´s cluster of excellence for climate research supplied the expert knowledge on Monday evening for the topic "Climate Change Hamburg". This was the motto of the first of a new series of talks initiated by the President of the University of Hamburg, Professor Dr.-Ing. Monika Auweter-Kurtz to promote communication between the research and economic sectors.

The representatives of science included Prof. Dr. Martin Claußen, Prof. Dr. Detlef Stammer and Prof. Dr. Anita Engels of the KlimaCampus, who depicted the present status of research and the effects of climate change for humans and the environment. Of particular interest were the regional aspects, especially the question as to how the city of Hamburg will be affected by climate change. The experts also emphasized the role of the hydrological cycle as well as transformation processes in society.

The economy was represented by Michael Otto, Chairman of the Board of the Otto Group, and Frank Leonhardt, Executive Director of the Shipping Company Leonhardt and Blumberg.

At the conclusion of the discussion, President Auweter-Kurtz expressed her hope that university will be able to increase both its capacity for basic research and its openness to the problems of the city.