CliSAP successfully finished in 2018. Climate research continues in the Cluster of Excellence "CLICCS".

Climate Change in the Media


Communication Scientists of the KlimaCampus outline the media debate on climate change.

Prof. Irene Neverla und Prof. Mike S. Schäfer of the KlimaCampus summarize the current scientific knowledge regarding the topic media coverage on climate change in their new book "The Media Climate". It is the first work in German to analyze the present literature to this extent.


For many people, the portrayal in the media has become the central information source regarding the worldwide climate change. Mass media illustrate the relevance of this topic, they break down global climate change into regional contexts and show short-term consequences of the long-term change. This is why scientists, politicians, independent organizations and companies try to have their say in the mass media and to position themselves – and journalists create on this basis medial constructions of the climate change, the "media climate". It is the topic of the present book how this "media climate" looks like, how it comes about and what its effects are. 


The Book:

Das Medien-Klima - Fragen und Befunde der kommunikationswissenschaftlichen Klimaforschung

I. Neverla, M. S. Schäfer

Springer VS, April 2012

285 sites in german

ISBN: 978-3531177526