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25 Years RV METEOR: Research Vessel comes to Hamburg on its birthday


Serving science for 25 years: the research vessel METEOR, whose operation is organized by the University of Hamburg, will be coming back to its home harbor Hamburg for its birthday. It will arrive at the Überseebrücke on September 30th at 12 noon. During "Open Ship", the public can visit the ship over two days.

Thanks to continuous upgrading to adapt to the needs of the scientists, RV METEOR is one of the most modern research vessels in the world. In the past 25 years it has traveled over a million nautical miles, and around 8,000 scientists carried out research during 85 expeditions in almost all the world oceans.

The celebration in the International Maritime Museum Hamburg will include scientists from the large oceanographic institutions as well as representatives of the German Research Council (DFG)and the German Federal Research Ministry. As part of the ceremonial act, a new exhibition on the work of the METEOR will be opened.

An impression about the work on board can be gain during the "Open Ship" on Saturday, October 1st and Sunday, October 2nd. The crew and some scientists will show guests around the laboratories and the bridge and demonstrate some of the scientific gear.
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